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BC FoodWorks

This is to advise all BC FoodWorks participants that the Ministry has decided to take a different approach to funding and will not be extending the BC FoodWorks Program beyond March 31, 2017.

More information will be sent later regarding the Ministry’s new contact person and how the program will transition after March 31; however, we encourage you to use up any coaching or training hours that are still available to you before March 31, 2017. Every participant is entitled to six (6) business coaching hours and three (3) specialized consulting hours, so please contact your business coach if you have not completed those hours yet. All recorded workshops will be left on the LMS system for a while, in case you still need to access them. Here is a list of those workshops, which some of you have already attended:

1- Marketing – How to Implement Your Marketing Plan – Gord Woodward
2- Website Development and SEO – Scott Cooper
3- Social Media – Scott Cooper
4- Marketing in the Regional Market – Jessica Dawe
5- Packaging – Cheryl Sullivan
6- Business Planning – John Boudreau
7- Supply Chain Management – Mike Manion
8- Food Safety – Mike Manion
9- Food Labelling – Walter Dullemond

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

We would like to extend a big ‘thank you’ for working with us on the BC FoodWorks Program. It has been a pleasure getting to know all of you.

BC FoodWorks – Accelerate Your Business

The objective of the BC FoodWorks Program is to accelerate the success of new or early growth phase agrifood processing companies based in British Columbia. The Program will support individual small- and medium-sized enterprises throughout the province by providing business training, customized workshops, one-on-one coaching and mentoring, ongoing business support, networking and marketing opportunities to address challenges related to business planning, human resources, export development, investment attraction, operations, regulatory processes and/or sales and marketing.

Business Services & Coaching

Approved Participants will be matched to Coaches/Mentors to obtain specialized business services over the term up to 6 months. Key activities include:

Business Service:

  • Business Coaching: Individualized, Group or Specialized Consulting
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Training
  • Mentoring – during and after the program
  • Networking Events

Areas of Specialization:

  • Business Plan Development
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Maximizing Networking and Marketing Opportunities
  • Domestic and Export Market Research & Development
  • Investment Attraction
  • Streamlining Business Operations
  • Regulatory Process


To qualify, applicants must be:

  1.   An authorized representative of a firm in the food, functional food, or natural health products processing sectors that is either:
    • A New Company that has been licensed in the last five years (from date of application to the program) to do business in B.C.; or
    • An Early Growth Phase Company that has experienced growth of at least 10% over the last 12 months, and reasonably expects growth to continue to accelerate.
  2.   Licenced to do business in BC in the food, functional food or natural health products processing sector
  3.   Located in B.C.


Although a company may be eligible for the program, we still determine that they suitable for the program and have the strongest possibility of success.

Entrepreneurial Assessments:

New Companies will be invited to complete entrepreneurial assessments to ensure suitability and readiness for accelerated growth. Assessments are designed to evaluate areas where companies may be strong, and areas where they need help. It will be important that they realistically assess their “Capital Factors” (the collective skills, knowledge, or other intangible assets that can be used to create economic value). Areas for improvement can be developed over time with proper training, education, skill development, practice and experience.

Additional Suitability Criteria

In addition to eligibility criteria, applicants must meet all of the following suitability criteria:

  1.   The business must provide a written outline (one to two pages) of its growth plan, identifying target markets, action steps, keys to success, and risks
    • The business must show how its growth will benefit B.C. (e.g. continuing and new employment, purchase of B.C, goods and services, diversity of products available here, etc.)
  2.   The business must demonstrate the need for specialized business assistance (e.g. training/coaching in operations, financing, marketing, etc.) that can, in the next six months, help the business address its challenges and increase its ability to succeed in the marketplace, attract investment, and establish successful partnerships and business relationships
  3.   The business must provide evidence that it has conducted initial market research and due diligence
  4.   The business must demonstrate that is in compliance with all regulatory requirements

Eligible Companies

Eligible Companies will be evaluated by the Program Coordinator/Business Coach for purposes of:

Viability, financial capacity, skills, personal and business suitability/appropriateness, competitiveness, connection to and knowledge of the industry, innovation of product, percentage of accelerated annual growth, support system, impact of the business on the labour market and potential obligations.

Application Process & Fees

Applicants can drop off, fax, scan and email or take a picture with their phone and send to a general email address at or

Applications will be accepted at any ETHOS or Open Door Group location or online. There will be a continuous intake of applicants, both in-house and online:

Hardcopy forms will be available to applicants; however, the use of online applications will be dominantly used to provide people with greater ease of access and to fulfil our corporate model of cost-reducing automation.

Registration fee: $50.00 to be submitted with application

Program Fee: $450.00 upon approval

For more information please contact us

The BC FoodWorks program is funded through Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.